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Synalloy Chemicals Introduces Advanced Textile Auxiliary

Published:2020-07-07 09:19:38 Hits:( 0)

Researchers at Synalloy’s Manufacturers Chemicals Group have announced the introduction of a new surfactant for textiles. A challenge was issued to the Synalloy team to make a versatile surfactant for textiles that could serve multiple functions.

According to Synalloy, Manawet V-8 is a 100-percent active anionic surfactant that is stable to strong acids and alkali, has excellent detergency, high salt stability, rapid wetting, free rinsing, and is low foaming. Manawet V-8 is suitable for most types of dyeing equipment including jet machines.

Manawet V-8 is compatible with disperse, acid, direct, reactive, and most pigment colorants.

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