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Color fixing agent WS-903

Published:2017-12-13 10:44:35 Hits: ( 6)
Color fixing agent WS-903


1. Characters:   
Product name:Color fixing agent WS-903
Appearance:Yellow viscous liquid
2.Physical and Chemical Properties:
PH Value:5-6(1% aqueous solution)
Solid content:50%±1%
3.Application characteristics
It is mainly used for dyeing of reactive dyes and solid color after printing.It can greatly improve the color dry and wet fastness.It does not change the hand feeling of the fabric after dyeing.
4.Reference dosage:
Reference dosage:   6-7g/l(Finishing sizing)
Please adjust the dosage according to the site.  
The fabric should be thoroughly washed before fixing color.
5.Storage and shipping:
Store in a dry and ventilated place
Should avoid strong vibration in transportation
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