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Color fixing agent WS-903B

Published:2017-12-13 10:50:55 Hits: ( 6)
Color fixing agent WS-903B

1. Characters:   

Product name:Color fixing agent WS-903B
Appearance:Colorless transparent viscous liquid
2.Physical and Chemical Properties:
Solubility: Easily soluble in cold water, 5% of its clear solution at 20 ℃, WS-903B in 5 times water at 50 ℃ as a clear water solution.
Resistance to metal:Metal ions such as iron and copper have influence on the color of dyeing after fixing color. The solution containers of color fixing agent should be made of glass and ceramic etc..
Fixing ability:As a standard product 100±5
3.Application characteristics
It is mainly used in direct, acid soluble dyes, such as printing or dyeing all kinds of fabric, with a fixing agent after processing can improve the soaping, washing, perspiration, water immersion and friction fastness performance,It can also be used for fixation of cotton, silk, wool and other fibers.This agent should not be used sulphur black for fixing color of anti-brittle treatment and resin finishing.
4.Reference dosage:
It can be mixed with nonionic, cationic surfactant or cationic initial concentrate synthetic resin. It can not be mixed with anionic dye and anionic surface activity.
5.Storage and shipping:
Store in a dry and ventilated place
Should avoid strong vibration in transportation
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