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Soft paste WS-041

Published:2018-02-27 15:07:45 Hits: ( 2)
Soft paste WS-041

1. Characters:  

Product name:Soft paste WS-041 
Appearance:Milky white paste
2.Physical and Chemical Properties:
Ionicity: Weakly cationic/Nonionic
3.Application characteristics
1.Excellent soft, smooth and fluffy hand feel.
2.With extremely low yellowing properties, it can be used for soft finishing of light and bleached fabrics.
3.Low viscosity and non-stick cylinder, can avoid the color difference of fabric after soft.
4.Can be used alone or with other compatible finishing agents on fiber, machine weaving and knitted fabrics.
4.Reference dosage:
Reference dosage:   Impregnation method  1~3%(temperature at 40℃,impregnation time about 20)        
                    Padding method      8~20g/l
Note:This product is high concentration, please dilute first when used. With the required percentage change way, suggest to use a small amount of 50 to 60 ℃ warm water after the cream stir into a paste, then add the remaining water to form a paste after use.
5.Storage and shipping:
Store in a dry and ventilated place
Should avoid strong vibration in transportation
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