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Thickener for disperse dyes printing WS-016

Published:2017-08-08 15:36:41 Hits: ( 11)
Thickener for disperse dyes printing WS-016


1. Characters:   
Product name:Thickener for disperse dyes printing WS-016
Appearance:Cream white to yellowish viscous liquid
2.Physical and Chemical Properties:
Main ingredients:Acrylate polymer dispersion
PH value:6.5-7.5(1% white paste)
It is high quality thickener especially for disperse dyes printing .
4.Application characteristics
1)It is high quality thickener especially for disperse dyes printing .
2)t is safe to use,free of kerosene,heavy metal,APEO,NPEO,phthalic acid.
3)It is viscose liquid form which easy to adjust and apply.Easy to make the basic paste-few minutes only by using speed stirring machine.
4)Especially suitable for “after thickening”which means when the pigment paste is not enough viscous,add a little WS-016,it will immediately thicken after stirring,so that can control the thick and thin level of pigment exactly.
5)Store steadily printing paste,even in summer it will not moldy.
6)High color yield than sodium alginate.Save bulk dye stuff .Good thixotropy the pigment will not spill out even the printing machine stop.Competitive price.Save the cost.
5. Packing: 130kg/drum or 150kg/drum 
6.Storage and shipping:
Store in a dry and ventilated place
Should avoid strong vibration in transportation
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